On Stage

Virtual Production / Tina At Dinosaur Alley

Recently, I had an opportunity to work with an amazing group of people on a Virtual Production shoot for an upcoming kid’s show. The production crew was second to none but they were new to the Virtual Production workflow, so I was excited to see how they along with the

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Unreal Engine / Real-Time Characters

Back in March, I had an opportunity to develop a real-time mocap system using the new HTC Vive Pro with a couple of my good friends. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem since we’ve already used the older version of the Vive and have had no issues. From

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Virtual Production / DIY Unreal Mobile VP System

In February of 2020, I had an opportunity to develop a mobile virtual production cart, but Covid shut everything down the following month, and working in the office was not an option. So after moving everything into my home with my family, I began building the mobile cart and developing

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