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  With two decades in the film and broadcast industries, I have acquired the tools and technics to complete just about any job. In those years, if needed, I’ve developed a talent pool for larger productions. Their backgrounds range from Disney to The Discovery Channel, so If you’re in need of world-class visuals both small or large in scale, give me a few minutes of your time to discuss how my services can decrease your time and money spent per project and increase your return on investment while delivering on your core creative projects.


Virtual Production

Thanks to the Unreal Engine and today's real-time virtual production systems, your options are endless. From photo-real virtual environments ranging from Fox Sports set to an alien world let's shoot your next show or movie idea all in real-time.

Interactive Presentations

If you're looking to level up your presentations while keeping your audience engaged, one of the best way is with an Interactive presentation. You can have your clients or large audience interact with a 3d character or walk them through your latest floor plan.

Architecture Visualization

Your facility, office, or home today. Developing a photoreal walkthrough of your home or future facility can be an invaluable tool for contract approval or modifying your design before breaking ground on your latest development.

3D Animation

From medical procedures to visually seeing your manufacturing process of a future product or how to use that product, a 3D animation can be essential in delivering to your client a visual that is impacting and easy to understand.

Lets create something amazing!


 My latest Work Reel will be uploaded soon, until then this is a sample of one of my architecture visualization videos.



Dale Wyatt


Hello, my name is Dale Wyatt I run Steel Core Creative which is a small studio based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, dedicated to delivering world-class creative services to government agencies, architectural firms, advertising agencies, the private sector, and non-profits. I have over twenty years of industry-proven talent and the ability to use the latest tech to create interactive and engaging content. My desire is to help my clients complete projects, meet their client needs, and pursue new opportunities. Im committed to working with integrity while developing and delivering your core creative projects.


"As a humanitarian aid organization, we needed a media piece that would educate viewers about the complex issue we address, and more importantly, one that would inspire them to join the cause. The final product not only inspires every audience that views it, but it also inspires us as well!"
Ashleigh Chapman, JD
President/CEO, Alliance For Freedom, Restoration, And Justice, Inc


Welcome to the new blog section, where I’ll keep you updated on my latest projects.

Virtual Production / Tina At Dinosaur Alley

Recently, I had an opportunity to work with an amazing group of people on a Virtual Production shoot for an upcoming kid’s show. The production crew was second to none but they were new to the Virtual Production workflow, so I was excited to see how they along with the…

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Unreal Engine / Real-Time Characters

Back in March, I had an opportunity to develop a real-time mocap system using the new HTC Vive Pro with a couple of my good friends. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem since we’ve already used the older version of the Vive and have had no issues. From…

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Virtual Production / DIY Unreal Mobile VP System

In February of 2020, I had an opportunity to develop a mobile virtual production cart, but Covid shut everything down the following month, and working in the office was not an option. So after moving everything into my home with my family, I began building the mobile cart and developing…

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